AstroDomina, Jasmine Mendez – When Push Comes To Shove (1080 HD)

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Jasmine and I get fired up beating this loser slave. Haha he can barely take it! Double dose of boss bitches!Sydney and Jasmine have their slave taped, masked and gagged and at their mercy. Too bad these two Dommes have absolutely NO mercy! They have the slave bend over and begin putting the spanking slave through his paces. Sydney is using a short bull-whip while Jasmine is pounding his ass with a paddle.They both get several good whacks at the slave, laughing at his struggles to keep his composure. They don’t give a FUCK how badly the slave reacts, they order him to keep his ass up in the air and take their punishments.The slave crumples to the floor as they continue to laugh and beat him mercilessly. You can really hear how much fun they are having! Finally his 7 minutes of heaven are up and they kick the slave out. Will you be next? How about it bitch?!

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