Brat Princess – Anabelle, Dakota – Brutally Humiliate Unmanly Stanley

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Posted: 18.04.2020
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Anabelle and Dakota come across a guy named Stanley while on spring break. Stanley is gross to the girls in every possible way. The bratty pair makes the loser smell and lick their filthy sneakers. Anabelle rides Stanley around the room like a pony and Dakota makes him untie her shoelaces with his teeth. It must be very humiliating for Stanley, but the girls want Stanley to understand that as a disgusting male he is inferior to them. The soles of the girls’ sneakers are well-worn and extremely filthy. Stanly is forced to lick the filthy sneaker soles. Stanley has to sniff the girls very sweaty socks. Then, the girls make Stanley kiss and worship their stinky feet. A huge window in their first-floor hotel room is wide open and the girls notice an attractive couple watching. It makes the humiliation even worse for Stanley to be able to see the attractive couple outside the window and know that he is not a real man and he will never have a pretty wife. The girls strip off all of Stanley’s clothes and point and laugh at Stanley’s tiny penis with the Alpha male’s hot wife out the window. Then, the girls take Stanley’s clothes and all the money in his wallet. They send him out into the hallway of the hotel with none of his personal belongings, completely naked.