Brooklynne Briar – Stroke For My Ass In Leather

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I know that my ass is your greatest weakness. Your cock twitches every time you even glance at my butt, so I can only imagine what is happening below your belt when you see my booty in tight, leather pants. I bet the sight of my long legs clad in black leather is driving you insane! Of course it is, because you are a fucking pervert who lives to get his rocks off. A compulsive stroke slut who desires nothing more than to drain his balls to the sight of my ass. Go on – get your cock out for me and begin to stroke it to my instructions. Show me what you’ve got. Show me how much you idolize my ass and how badly you want it grinding up on your cock. I continue to command your filthy stroke habit as I lower myself onto your lap and begin to grind on your cock. The feeling of your shift rubbing against my leather pants nearly puts you over the edge, but you manage to hang on. Finally, I peel off my leather pants and grind my bare ass on your cock, counting you down to a messy orgasm, which you shoot all over my ass and pussy.