CFNMEU – Lukas Beran, Daisy Lee – Lukas Beran Meets His Temptress

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Posted: 04.05.2020
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Duration: 00:40:21
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Lukas Beran is gagged and shackled as his naughty temptress arrives. She leans over and kisses his chest and then slaps it. Then she starts to whip Lukas too, as his bulging jockstrap seems to swell mightily. The girl applies clothespins to Lukas’ nipples and continues to whip and torment him. She grabs that bulging crotch too and then rubs it with her shoe. The cock is enclosed but is clearly so hard. The cock is released from the underwear and the girl grabs it and slaps it as she also wanks it. More clothespins are attached and then removed. Next, the girl leans over and sucks and bites that stiff cock. Lukas feels the whip hitting on his sexy body and then on his cock too. He is tickled as well before his jockstrap is removed and his legs pulled up to expose his hot hole. That sexy ass feels the whip and clothes pins are placed on his cock and balls. The cock is wanked before the pins are removed and that hot hole becomes the focus of attention. A dildo is oiled and then shoved into the hole. The girl roughly fucks the toy deep into that ass. She wanks the cock at the same time. Then a bigger toy goes in the hole as Lukas moans. It fucks his tight ass hard. That hairy hole is stretched and his dick is wanked hard too. Then his legs are released and his cock is wanked until Lukas shoots his creamy load onto his belly.

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