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This video is all about the cute next door neighbor that just moved in and has been teasing you so much with her low cut top & busty tits, she invites you over and that’s where it all begins. You can’t keep your eyes off her beautiful cleavage in that top, her tits are so big, and you are finding it harder and harder to look at her face when there right there in front of you. She tells you she knows you like her cleavage, you can’t stop staring at it, so how about as a “housewarming gift’ I tease you with my sexy cleavage. I tell you to watch as I bring them close to you, squeeze them together, break open the top, bounce them up and down, and finally tell you to take out your cock and stroke it for me. I tell you to work that cock for my cleavage and I continue to tease you so much, lifting up the bra, accidentally slipping out my nipple, touching them, grabbing them, bouncing them out of the bra, until you just have had too much and are going to cum, I decide to let you cum, telling you to cum all over my cleavage/my big tits, leaving to a stimulated cumshot all over having it drip down, I lick it off my fingers, and after seeing my tits, I pull my bra straps back up and ask if you I can fix you something to eat, and maybe you can help me finishing moving in, I mean you get to look at this amazing cleavage all day, say yes? This video includes light joi, cleavage, bra fetish, Low cut top, breaking button, bouncing tits, big boobs, big tits, shaking tits, cumshot, fake cum, pov, dirty talk, tease, cock tease, roleplay, cute, and giggly. Lots of close cleavage, bouncing, and teasing, and towards end reveal of my big breasts. (Breast Size – Natural 36DDD)