ClubStiletto – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Staci – Hubby’s First Shecock

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You walk into the bedroom still sky high from recently having taken Jasmine as your wife. Deep down you knew it was to good to be true, you had some money but the good looking girls never really fell over you before. Now Jasmine is breaking the news to you, you are going to be her cuckold and servicing her girlfriend who just happens to have a good way bigger than yours. Jasmine tells you how you will never fuck her again but rather you will be a toy for the amusement of her Staci and anyone else they have over. Staci will need to be fluffed so she can fuck Jasmine and that will be your job. Jasmine strokes her cock and gets it nice and hard and they talk the entire time about sex, how they will get it and how you will service anyone and everyone as they tell you to. You could run but your image is so important to you, isn’t it. You’ll let people think you got the hot wife even though being at home means being nothing but a cocksucker and cum belching whore. Now get on your knees and lick Staci’s balls, cock and asshole… oh, you’ll be worshiping feet too… loser. Actually, go to the closet, the girls want to fuck in privacy.