Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Staci – Trampled By Everyone

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Miss Jasmine and TS Staci are admiring the new house and Jasmine says she can’t wait to start shopping for new furniture. “The only thing I’ve got so far is a rug.”, she says. As it turns out it’s a human carpet and it’s laying right there in front of them. They both hop on with their bare feet. “I was told I can get a full refund if not happy.”, Jasmine tells Staci. “I plan to use it as my welcome rug when the rest of the furniture is delivered.”, she adds. The girls walk on his chest, stomach and legs and from time to time give him little kicks to his nuts. Jasmine then does some leg raises which makes the rug really grunt. “I know what we can do, lets have the camera man step on him with his big shoes.”, she laughs, and the camera walks over and presses his shoes into the slaves chest while the ladies continue to walk all over him. Jasmine remembers that the camera mans wife left her shoes in the lobby so she goes and gets them and presses them into the rugs face. She finds stinky socks inside the shoes and removes them and stuffs them in the slaves, er, rugs, mouth, then sets the shows back on top of his face and then holds them in place with a giant elastic band. While the slave chokes on socks and shoes the ladies start to dance about on the slave and then do some squats on him to tease you with their asses… the slave can’t see a thing. This really gets the rug grunting as the ladies toes really dig in as they move up and down. The camera man, suddenly thinking he’s a star, even comes back for a few more steps on the rug, himself. Staci steps on the shoes, on the slaves face, which makes him even more uncomfortable. “Maybe we should go up the stairs and jump down onto him.”, Jasmine suggests but then decides it would be more fun to grind her feet into his cock and balls. Staci decides she wants to join the fun and soon all four feet are working over his not so private parts. The slave is really suffering now which only gets Jasmine more anxious to inflict pain. She really takes her feet to his nuts, making him call out, “No!”. Oh oh, a human rug never says no, and that means ever more ball t0rture. “Let’s go for lunch.”, Jasmine finally suggests, “When we get back we’ll return this rug to the factory.”