Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy, Mistress Staci – Earn Your Load Part 2

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This is the final scene in this hot two part series. While the slave continues to suck Staci’s cock, Kandy helps her remove her bra and says she wants to have some fun too. She plays with Staci’s tits and nipples while the slave fondles Staci’s balls and sucks deeply desperate to get a tummy full of cum. “Keep going, earn your lunch.”, Kandy tells him as Staci is clearly in ecstasy. Kandy comments that the slaves dick is so much smaller than Staci’s, which makes them both giggle. If it takes all day the slave will keep sucking Kandy tells him. In time Kandy says she will be bringing a multitude of cocks for the slave to suck but today getting Staci off is his goal. Staci take her own cock into her hand and starts to stroke. “You won’t get lunch today.”, Kandy tells the slave as he was unable to make her cum in his mouth. None the less he is told to keep his mouth open and hope some of the cum hits his mouth. The slave is put back to work licking Staci’s full balls as she strokes and gets her tits fondled by Kandy. You can hear she is close to orgasm so the slave again opens his mouth wide, so hungry for that sweet warm cum, and then suddenly a hot load of cum spurts all over the slaves face and lucky for him some of it does go into his mouth, giving him at least a small dose of protein. The ladies leave him in the dark, tomorrow he is bound to try even harder should they give him another chance.