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Mistress Bella Blackheart loves the look and smell of her leather, especially her leather Implements as they slice through the air and scent the air around her in their delicious aroma, the only thing that she loves loves more is the delicious sounds that they make when cutting into the flesh of an obstinate slave!Bella doles out the the punishment to this disobedient and particularly sensitive slave, Bella knows that her choices will bring this feeble minded wimp to his knees. He hates the tools of agony that he sees laying out before him and his fear and cowardice are obvious yet unspoken. Bella Flogs and short tail whips him to tears, his pleas for mercy only fuels her on,she smiles from lip to lip at his expense…Category: FEMALE DOMINATION, WHIPPING, EXTREME DOMINATION, FLOGGING, HUMILIATION, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT