Eva de Vil – Invited to His Demise

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When a beautiful seductress like me invites over a loser like Fluffy to talk about our “amazing connection”, wouldn’t you think something was amiss? After I tease him out of his clothes, naked and vulnerable, he quickly realises that I had other plans. My onslaught on his balls begins as I cruelly explain to him that he’s pis sed off the wrong people and now he’s going to suffer for it. I’ll bash and brutalize his pathetic testicles, slapping, punching and spitting on him for good measure. He’ll be begging for his life, but I’ve already made up my mind. He has to be disposed of.#Ball Kicking, #Ball Punching, #Ball Slapping, #CBT Fantasy, #Humiliation, #Louboutin, #Rejection, #Tease, #Tease and Denial, #Verbal Abuse Fantasy,