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Posted: 13.04.2020
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Duration: 00:16:33
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Categories: Strapon, Dildo
Models: Amber Ivy

Mistress Amber confronts her slave about him spreading rumors that he has had sex with her. The slave admits he lied and asks if they can have sex. Amber just laughs at his request, telling him they will have sex – but it will be the kind where he gets fucked! The slave protests that he has never been ass fucked before, but Amber just shoves her cock in his mouth and makes him suck it, telling him that he had better learn to like it. Amber proceeds to fuck her slave from several positions, taking his asshole from every angle. Amber starts jerking his cock, but warns him that he is not allowed to cum. The slave struggles with his excitement, so Amber removes her hand and orders him not to cum. Amber tells him that now he can tell his friends that they have fucked, but it has to be the truth – that he took cock up his ass like the bitch he is.