London Lix – You Can’t Say No To Me – Financial Domination, Goddess Worship

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You might wonder how you got this way…so wrapped up in femdom & findom, and the truth is; saying “no” to women like me just really doesn’t feel good. It only leads to disappointment, rejection, and removal of the hope that I’d pay you any attention. But saying yes…oh it feels good to say yes to me. To give me what I want. To dress me up. To make my life easier. To adorn me with beautiful things. So I thought I’d make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to say no to me today; literally. You’re going to stroke, and then you’ll get to some edges, and then you’ll be gooning, and then you’ll send me a nice tribute, won’t you? YES, Miss Lix. I threw in a bit of low-key, lazy mesmerize to this. It probably won’t work, but if you’re particularly susceptible to my manipulation, you’ll really be under my thumb after this one. Proceed with caution 😉