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Your teacher has put your class into pairs for your latest assignment; you’re pretty happy about this as they’ve put you with the cute geeky girl in your grade. She’s invited you over to hers to work on the assignment; she’s pretty keen to get down to work and pretty much instantly starts her part of the assignment as you sit across the table and stare. She tells you to do your part, but you can’t take your eyes off her. Annoyed, she puts her book down and closes her laptop; before lying back and saying that she thinks it’ll be best if you ‘take care’ of yourself so you can both concentrate on getting the homework done. You ask her to help out, she seems a bit grossed out and says that you’d better actually put some serious effort into this assignment if you want to jerk it to her. While teasing you with her body, she says that you’d better get your little cock out and start getting it hard… that’s when she looks down and realises that you aren’t so little after all. She seems impressed, and is a lot more happy to help you out.