Princess Ashley – Worker Bee for Princess

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You’re a little peasant, a worker bee, a slave, a loser, a bitch…whatever you want to call it. You work so hard so that your Princess can have the best life possible – luxury vacations, expensive cars, BANNED WORD condos, designer clothing and shoes. You name the nice thing, and I have it. Meanwhile, you live SUCH a meek and humble lifestyle. You only keep enough money to give yourself basic food, shelter, and clothing. The rest is Mine. And you’re so happy to sacrifice because it feels so good and you know Princess deserves your money more than you ever could. It’s MY money after all, you just work for it little worker bee.#Financial Slavery, #Financial Submission, #Greedy Goddess, #Hair Worship, #High Heels, #Long Legs, #Mental Domination, #Mesmerize, #PVC, #Tight Dress,