Reality Girls Scissors – Akira Shell, Dacey – Mockery (1080 HD)

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Posted: 01.05.2020
Size: 198 MB
Duration: 00:09:44
File info: AVC, 1280 x 720, 30.000 FPS, 2776 kb/s
Categories: Smothering

Two beautiful girls with mean streaks and one masochist wimp equals pleasure for them and pain for him here as Akira Shell and Dacey hurt and humiliate Opie. Akira’s RNC hurts him right away forcing a break. They trade rear naked chokes on the pain slut. Akira bodyscissors him as Dacey locks him in her arms then pushes him off her when he says something like a cuck. Dacey hurts him in headscissors — Akira admiring her quads. Akira headscissors him as Dacey looms and they mock his choking sounds. Dacey pushes her to crank it on her slave. Akira’s RNC again. It’s perfect. They want him to cry. Dacey bodyscissors him. Akira’s powerful arms suspend him. He’s purple in them. “I want you to make Akira happy” Dacey tells her sniveling slave. Dacey stands on him as Akira kicks him with scissor kicks having fucjed him up in her arms until he’s half Opie it seems. They each scissor him, Dacey by the neck and mock his sounds of pain again. Dacey deep facesits him. — fucking his face while Akira headscissors him. Dacey’s vicious figure-four headscissors — they inspect the deepness of the purple his face turns. In Dacey’s calves, you are fucked and he gags. More of Akira’s headscissors — HOM from Dacey. She tells Akira people should cherish breathing as Akira’s legs never let up; they are bionic. Dacey stands on him as Akira destroys him in a figure-four headscissors — her huge calf forcing a break. They make him eat Dacey’s feet as he can’t take more. Akira gets his head and Dacey laughs at him. Forced tickling – -Akira gets him in a SGP — trampling. Dacey calls him a “poor soul” as action ends.