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Posted: 11.04.2020
Size: 1.12 GB
Duration: 00:25:29
File info: AVC, 1920 x 1080, 29.970 FPS, 5971 kb/s
Categories: Smothering
Models: Arena Rome

Poor, helpless man had no idea the trap that he had fallen into until it was too late…he won’t survive my DEATH SQUEEZE!Dark-haired MILF, Arena Rome, returns to ScissorVixens playing a role that seems to fit her true-to-life persona like an assassins glove as ‘Arena the Scissorcutioner!’.She has her eye on the target and easily seduces him while in a local club. A few drinks and dances later, he brings her home to his apartment bragging on the phone to a friend about the “…hot chick I’m about to bang!”.But he’s the one who’s about to get BANGED by the sexy dark-haired hired assassin!She slips away into his bedroom and then slips into her ‘work gear’…a sexy but dark ensemble of black see-through pantyhose worn underneath a black leotard, black elbow-high gloves and black shoes.As she re-enters the living room where he’s waiting with great anticipation for what he thinks is to come, she twirls a pair of handcuffs on one finger and says….”I like to play games…I hope you like to play games too!”.Little does he know that at the end of this game…there’s no turning back and the only direction for him is down about 6 feet under!Watch as the sadistic female assassin takes pleasure in slowly and methodically torturing her victim while he’s helpless and handcuffed to a chair. She first delivers a few closed-fists blows to his head then moves behind him and starts to strangle him with her arms.But it’s her LEGS that she prefers as her primary ‘tools of the trade’ and while he’s still helplessly latched to the chair, she applies various leg chokes that has his eyes bulging out of his head!Then she decides to take a seat on top of him and wraps her long, lean legs around him, locking her ankles behind the back of the chair, while smothering him in her breasts as his arms and legs begin flailing in all directions from a lack of oxygen.Then as if showing some level of mercy, she uncuffs him from the chair. But this is only the beginning as Arena is just getting warmed up!Plenty of BRUTAL scissors of all kinds, including many (as he confessed after the video) that leave him seeing stars and nearly unconscious forcing several frantic tap-outs!After having her torturous fun and foreplay, Arena the Scissorcutioner, decides it’s time to complete the job by finishing him while ‘finishing’ herself by applying a final, lethal dose of her thighs, leaving herself in a state of scissorgasmic ecstasy!Another job well done by ‘Arena the Scissorcutioner!’.