The Mean Girls – Princess Amber, Princess Mia – Mean Girl vs Brat Princess – Ballbusting Contest (1080 HD)

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Princess Mia (from “Brat Princess” fame) is visiting Mean Girl Manor. She has brought one of her own slaves along. And you know how girls are…we just can’t help but brag a bit about how our slaves will “do anything” for us, and then show off by abusing them in front of other girls. So we begin talking about how our slaves would let us literally kick them in the balls as MUCH as we want- no matter what!Well, the bragging gets a little competitive, so we decide to have a contest!I tell Mia that SHE can kick MY slave as HARD as she wants and it will not go down! Like no matter what.She says “well that’s no big deal” and that her slave can take anything I dish out too. I march my slave into position and say “go ahead. kick it as hard as you want. I don’t fucking care.” Then she lets me kick her slave good n hard in the nuts too…and the contest is ON!Pretty soon it is getting REALLY competitive and honestly, Mia is like totally cheating. (You will see what she does in the video and its just like so not cool.) You can tell she is a total “Brat Princess”. So I have to have a “motivational talk” with MY slave in between rounds of having its balls kicked. I basically tell it that if it loses this contest for me, its balls are coming off- permanently!! And I don’t even care if Mia is cheating.Then the kicking continues. We start letting each other “select the position” we want the slave in when it receives our hardest kick. It is actually really fun to kick someone else’s slave as hard as you want. And we are keeping score.We even bet our online slave tributes for the whole MONTH on the outcome of this! Like, if I win, I get ALL of Mia’s online slave tributes for the entire month! (And she will get mine if she wins!) So this REALLY means something for us! We NEED to break the other Princess’s slave!!These are some REALLY HARD KICKS!! Watch the video to see who wins.– Princess Amber